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Allstates 1031 is an affiliate of Strategic Property Exchanges, L.L.C.

What this means to you?

The affiliation between All States 1031 and Strategic Property Exchanges, LLC combines our tax and exchange expertise. Our firm handles every type of exchange in the United States and overseas from initial tax strategy, exchange management, tax compliance, tax opinions and consulting. This includes exchanges of Real State, Equipment, Business Assets, Intellectual Property and Precious Metals. Whether you are selling first, buying first, or a combination of the two for one, tens, hundreds or thousands of pieces of equipment, or property. You can be assured that our experienced staff and tax attorneys will provide you with individualized attention, safety and security.

Our professional Members-only Exchange Alliance allows our CPA, Attorney and Broker members to earn fees in the exchange process. Strategic Property Exchange, LLC manages the exchange process and eliminate risk for our members.

Stephen L. Robison, J.D.,
LL.M., President of Strategic
Property Exchanges

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